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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Cup of Tea

It's almost autumn, almost cooler weather, almost end of harvest.  It is a sad time when the growth ceases and the world recedes for sleep.  But for some of us, those of us who love the cooler weather and the need for warmer meals, autumn means a cut of hot tea to comfort and soothe.

I have a friend who always had the tea kettle at the ready when I visited, but I am a cold drink person.  I have learned to honor her delight with tea.  When the weather is cold or there is a chill in the air, something warm is welcome. 

Tea is a delight.  It is available in a great many flavors and textures.  Get a package with several flavors and try them all.  If you really find your favorite, then you can buy with certainty.  Otherwise, the Earl Grey or Orange Pekoe and Pekoe are proven classics.  Tea can be embelished with additives--lemon, cream, sugar, or sweeteners.  With experimentation, you can find your niche.

Remember that tea contains an ingredient that acts much like caffeine.  It gives that added lift to your morning wake-up or afternoon slow-down.  Some teas also contain other benefits like antioxidants.  They are highly advertised, so research for more information.

Why don't you come over for a cut of tea?
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  1. I agree, I use myself a lot of green tea that helps losing weight. I also enjoy mint tea with a hint of lemon.


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